About Me

A life documented. A travel photographed. An outfit styled. Feelings being brought to life. This is me, in my creative state of mind. Nothing more than just a girl who wants to remember and see growth through an outlet where she showcases herself.

Very cliche to say but I truly love life itself and want to extend my greatest of appreciation for it to you all. I’ve always told myself that there’s plenty of land, people, seas, food and culture to be explored and with that being said, my wings are constantly flying. I continue to strive to live a life full of exploration, discoveries, and adventures to be ventured. Any new type of culture, art, historic museums, churches, or any dealings with outdoors has my name written all over it. My family has been the biggest influential people in my life and thanks to both of my parents, I’ve been blessed with creativeness and a big heart.

Missmaichi.com was brought to life as of late last year in November 2016, thanks to the support of my loved ones and friends. This place is a reminder that I’m just like you! I want to inspire and touch the heart of others, if anything, yours in hopes that you feel some type of warmth in knowing that you’re not alone in this crazy big world. If I can make a difference, regardless of it being small or big, I’ve done my job. It’s about the genuineness and ability to live on a budget but most importantly, learning to love a life that you create.

If you would like to collaborate or have any questions/want to talk, please email: Vangmaichi@gmail.com

The world is yours, you just gotta grab it and take it with both of your hands.