No negative November

No negative November

“We all need love and we all need nurture. There’s too much death and destruction. But friends who love you should warm you like the sun. Make you feel good about yourself not freeze you in their contempt and in their hate. Anger corrodes our belief that anything good can happen to us.”
– The Fall

Reconciled old friendships, closed doors, opened new ones and onto finding balance; I am my own and will continue to strive for what has yet to come. We’re focusing on having and keeping not only just a healthy but happy state of mind.

Choose HAPPINESS. Choose HEALTHINESS. Make a difference, today. CHANGE for the BETTER. Change for YOU.

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Double the turkey!

Double the turkey!

Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! SORRY for the quality of the photos but I didn’t have much time to go out and use quality camera for my outfit. I had such a hectic weekend and worked all three days long.

It’s the time of the year where we remind ourselves what and why we’re thankful for. I’ve decided to spread some love to all of my close friends in hopes they’d remember why they’re so grateful to me. If you’ve missed anything, keep updated with my IG and TWITTER 😉 Continue reading “Double the turkey!”

Falling for you…

Falling for you…

For color and scenery purposes, I’m showing you two color options that enhances the mood while still keeping everything else the same.



Photography by Chris Niedzielski

Top: OLIVE LONG SLEEVE – H&M, WHITE LONG SLEEVE – FOREVER 21, VEST – FRANCESCA’S (also similar to J.CREW) / Bottoms: FOREVER 21 / Footwear: FOREVER 21

I had such a positive week and I felt like nothing could stop me from feeling so euphoric. Don’t you ever just get that feeling where you feel invincible!? Literally, nothing could get in your way and no one could prevent you from pursuing your dreams nor disturb your emotions no matter how negative the commentaries were. The world was finally on my side again.

Chris (my boyfriend) and I have been trying to make a trip to Apple Hill for awhile now but originally with my family. Unfortunately, the season was coming to an end and our schedules weren’t ever matching up so we decided to go, just the two of us! We talked about leaving around the time frame of 10:30-11AM the night before, but as we normally do, we slept in and didn’t wake up till 10AM and didn’t leave the casa till 12PM? Of course, being super hungry and having a malfunction due to our hunger, we stopped by CVS to grab some snacks which made us arrive even later.. that’s our relationship though… haha.

It was freezing cold! So unprepared, but we should’ve known! Compared to Sacramento’s weather in it’s high 70’s, we were in the mountains in it’s mid 60’s and I was only in my thin long sleeves with my vest. What was I thinking!? We stopped by Boa Vista Orchards and grabbed ourselves a warm tri tip sandwich to eat and later, a couple of sour cream blueberry pies for our families. Then made our way up and over the hills which looked beautiful! As we stopped by and walked around, we saw deers and sheeps just like the TV channel, Wild Life and of course, Chris was mimicking the Australian voice they tend to have describing the wild animals in the show. 😂

Being away from home for a little bit lifted such a heavy feeling from my chest. I was already in utter greatness and appreciation towards life and everyone but it maxed out even more. I put so much of my love back into the world, Chris, and myself. I know that sometimes, I have the tendency to drain my energy in work that I lose all traces of what’s really important. And today really helped. I found more reasons to why I’m in love with my best friend and life.

By the end of it, we were frozen popsicles laughing in the car ride back home. Things usually run in slow motion for me when I’m with him and my family, such bittersweet memories.

It’s about comfort today, although this piece is super simplistic, it’s still very trendy and effortless. Just remind yourself that when you pull over a basic top, remember to layer, layer, and layer! Boots are a constant trend during the fall so whatever it is that you choose to recreate the look with, STAY FABULOUS and tell yourself you’re amazing because you are!


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